Olivier Bernard claims Newcastle takeover could be done today

Former Newcastle United left-back Olivier Bernard has claimed that the takeover could be done as soon as today.

Bernard told Football Matters yesterday that he has been told the takeover could be all wrapped up and announced by the end of play on Tuesday.

Despite that, it’s now past 5pm and we’re yet to hear anything from the club at all in regards to the takeover – so it looks like Bernard could be the latest to take a swing and miss on this one.

The takeover of Newcastle will see the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund take an 80% stake in the club, with financier Amanda Staveley’s PCP Partners and Property magnates the Reuben Brothers taking 10% each.

It’s a move that has been heavily criticised by pundits, human rights organisations and politicians the world over. The Saudi Arabian are accused of attempting to buy the club to further support their bid to overhaul and “wash” their reputation.

Despite that, the fans of Newcastle have remained pretty firm in their belief that they should not be the ones forced to hold the Saudi government to account – especially when our own country’s government is a staunch ally of Saudi Arabia.

As a result of all the clamouring as well as the Project Restart campaign, the Premier League owners and directors test has gone on a little longer than we expected it to. Many thought we would see an announcement last week but it never came. Despite that, Bernard believes it will come soon enough.

“The takeover is dragging far too long even though today [Monday] I heard it was happening tomorrow, but I hope it’s happening tomorrow,” Bernard told Football Matters.

“I’ve had enough of it. It starts to build and then always they put it back, put it back, put it back but hopefully tomorrow it will be official.

“I think it will be announced tomorrow [Tuesday] sometime,” he added. “I believe it’s been going on for far too long and day by day, you’ve got Sunderland fans being happier by the day so we need to make sure we take the smile away from their faces.”

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