Guillem Balague: ‘The Premier League will accept the bid…”

Spanish football expert and Sky Sports pundit Guillem Balague says he believes the Premier League will approve the £300m Saudi Backed takeover at Newcastle United.

Speaking on his regular YouTube updates, he told viewers that the general “consensus” is good and he expects a positive outcome for the Geordie faithful.

“The new Newcastle, when everything gets confirmed and everybody expects it to be confirmed to be honest from everything I am reading and from everything I am hearing,” Balague said.

“From what I have been asking, the consensus is that the Premier League will accept the bid. If that is the case, then Newcastle are about to enter a new era.”

With reports of a new bid on the table from American TV mogul Henry Mauriss, things are somewhat up in the air right now with the takeover.

The Premier League are taking their sweet time with the owners and directors tests. If Balague is correct and the takeover is to be approved, there will be pandemonium on Tyneside.

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