So… it’s been a minute

After three months of absolutely nothing, and a break away from the company this site was initially a part of, I’ve finally decided to bring back TBOTT. I’ve still been fairly active on our Twitter page but the site has been completely barren, as I’m sure you will be able to see.

From this point onwards, TBOTT will become a platform for me to scratch the writing shaped itch that I have deep within my brain, as well as provide me with a place to moan about Newcastle United. There’ll be no news articles as there have been in the past… just a stream of steady bollocks ready to flow from my finger-tips. Oh, I’m also allowed to swear now. My site, my rules… At least until my mother tells me otherwise. Sorry in advance, Mam.

Also, I’m very much open to bringing in a few others to write on the site too. So, if you’re an aspiring writer, or even just an opinionated twat, who happens to support Newcastle – then I’m sure we have a home for you here… so long as you can actually formulate a sentence of course.

Likewise, if you like to make graphics then we have an Instagram page you can take over too. Or if you’re a web developer, I could do with all the help I can possibly get to keep this ticking over nicely. Be warned, I’m picky as hell.

Finally, I am looking to start doing a TBOTT podcast at some point in the not too distant future so if that’s something that interests you, gimme a shout. My email is – always happy to accommodate any requests or get a willing soul involved in the site.

Thanks very much for reading my ramblings. From this point onwards, there’ll be Newcastle related content upon this here site. Can’t promise it’ll be regular, but if I’ve got something to say, all three of you will be the first to see it.

Oh, follow me on twitter while you’re here. Ta.

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