QUIZ: Can you name every NUFC player to score 10+ times in a season since 2000?

Today’s quiz is, honestly, quite an easy one. I’ll be shocked if there’s many people who don’t get 100% on this one but, nevertheless, we’ll give a go anyway.

The idea of this one is to name every player to score more than ten goals in a season for Newcastle since the year 2000. Some of the seasons have multiple players and some seasons don’t have any at all.

You’ll have the seasons down the left side to guide you through this one and six minutes on the clock in which to do it. Thanks very much to JackW19 on Sporcle for making this quiz.

I did it in 57 seconds – can you beat that? Let me know either in the comments or on our Twitter page. Also, you can find more quizzes here.

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