Barnes: Newcastle fans will ‘welcome new owners with open arms’

Former Newcastle winger John Barnes has told media he thinks the Geordie nation will welcome new owners with “open arms” – especially if they can bring some sort of silverware to the trophy starved club.

Barnes, who played for Newcastle between 1997 and 1999, says that all football fans want success for their clubs and Newcastle are no different to that, despite any political issues the new owners bring with them.

“If the new owners come in and win the league for Newcastle, they’ll love him. The whole idea that they’re not the people they want to work at St James’ Park, football fans want success for their clubs, so I don’t suppose Newcastle fans will be that disturbed,” he told BonusBetCodes.

“I don’t know whether they will or they will not, want to work with them, they want success for their clubs. If more money comes into the club and they’re able to get success, that’s a political situation where Newcastle fans will decide they want people like that owning their club.

“I’m sure the Newcastle fans want success. If they’re allowed to take over the club they’ll welcome them with open arms.”

The consortium attempting to takeover Newcastle is United is comprised of the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF), financier Amanda Staveley’s PCP Partners and property magnates the Reuben Brothers.

Questions have been raised about their potential ownership due to the fact that the PIF, who are set to take an 80% stake, are run by the Saudi royal family. The deal has attracted serious opposition by human rights organisations such as Amnesty International.

I for one completely agree with Barnes here. The (potential) new owners have a very sketchy history in their own country but, as a football fan, I want my team to have success. Unfortunately, the only way to be successful in modern-day football is to have money.

John Barnes celebrates a goal with his Newcastle teammates
John Barnes celebrates scoring for Newcastle during his spell at the club in the late nineties

Newcastle haven’t had proper investment on the field or off the field for nigh on two decades. Should the new owners come in and invest not just in the club, but the area around the club, they will be lauded as heroes.

It’s been a while since we, as football fans, have had something good to shout about or a genuinely exciting future to look ahead to. I don’t personally think we should be made to feel bad for getting excited on account of the human rights record of the Saudi royal family.

We’re football fans, not political activists. The majority of NUFC supporters have their eyes fixed very much on the footballing aspect of this deal. Daring to dream about the possibility of your club being successful is perfectly acceptable – regardless of what certain media outlets will have you think.

I must admit, the comments from John Barnes are nice to see. Barnes clearly understands where the fans heads are at and knows that there’s nothing we can do to control who owns the club. As a result of that, fans will focus all their attention on the football.

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