PSA: Alternative Toon kit

Newcastle fans – as one of you, I know you’re all looking for a way
to support your club without giving any money to Mike Ashley. For those of you who aren’t aware, there is an alternative home kit you can buy.

A United supporters group set up a page under the name of – the only place to buy the alternative kit.

Why should I buy it?

Mike Ashley has made poor decision after poor decision as Newcastle boss, with Rafael Benitez’s departure the latest. In terms of kits, the new home shirt, which was designed by Puma, has been announced. Once again, it will be the most expensive replica shirt in all of English football and Mike Ashley will see a lot of that change. Here’s the reason the kit designers have given on their site:

“In short, Mike Ashley and Sports Direct do not deserve any more of the supporters’ money. In addition, we strongly feel that advertising a legal loan shark is inappropriate, and the low quality of the official kit is clear to see.

So, if you want to wear the black and white stripes, then I would suggest
looking at this alternative shirt. It costs just £18 for adults and £13 for
children’s and every penny of the profit the group make goes towards anti-Ashley initiatives to help towards purchasing protest materials etc.

What does it look like?

There are no sponsors on it, and the crest shows a red shield with three
castles – the main insignia on the Newcastle coat of arms. Underneath the
crest, it shows an Adidas badge, harking back to the kit partnership between the sportswear giants and United back in the 00s.

The back of the shirt showcases a large, white empty space on which you can have a name and number of your choosing printed. The material is high quality and both badges are stitched in place, rather than just printed stickers like you would get on the official kits.

How can I buy it?

To purchase the kit, visit the website where you will find all the information you need. There is an option to buy the shirt where you can select your size, shirt number and name on the back.

Delivery can take a while with it being an independent project but if you want to wear the black and white stripes while simultaneously making a statement to Ashley, it’s well worth it. Imagine 50,000 Geordies inside SJP all wearing one of these – it would be one hell of a slap in the face to the regime at what is a very broken football club.

I strongly suggest that you look here before you think about going to the club for the new home kit – it’s a cheaper, better quality alternative that doesn’t send any money to Mr Ashley. It’s the perfect scenario for me.  

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