Newcastle United – One week to save our season

The January transfer window closes in one week, and for Newcastle United, the clock is very much ticking. Coming into this transfer window, the need for two central defenders was very, very evident, but with a week to go, we’ve still had no breakthrough in our hunt.

January Woes

Coming off the back of a top performance at Leeds United this weekend, our fans have got every reason to feel optimistic about avoiding relegation. The defensive performance this week was solid – even Jamaal Lascelles was much improved, until he was forced to leave the pitch with a hamstring injury.

However, our need for a central defender is still paramount – even more so since Lascelles picked up his injury. Diego Carlos, Sven Botman and just about every other half decent centre-back in Europe has been linked within the last month or so, but now is the time for movement in this area.

Newcastle 'have second bid for Diego Carlos rejected by Sevilla' as they  look to wrap up transfer before Leeds clash
Newcastle have been heavily linked to Seville central defender Diego Carlos

Right now, Newcastle United are suffering the same problems we see every January. Teams simply do not want to sell their top players midway through the season. That, coupled with the fact that the whole world know fine well how much money our owners have available to them, means that any deal we make will need to be seriously overpriced.

Now, the question we have is this: Do we pay over the odds for a player we desperately need and risk setting a precedent that we CAN be ripped off? Or do we refuse to allow ourselves to be ripped off and risk not being able to make the purchases we so desperately need?

The Shittest Newcastle blogger is back!

Anyway, that’s just a quick little article for me to basically announce that I’m going to try and get back in to this blogging lark. I know I’ve said that before and then done sweet shite all for months, but now is the time for me to get back into it!

From today onwards I will try and maintain a minimum one per week post strategy.

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