Newcastle stars show solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter movement

Today, the official Newcastle United Twitter account posted a picture of the playing squad all taking a knee around the centre circle on one of the pitches at the clubs Benton training facility.

This gesture, which was captioned #UnitedAsOne (Newcastle’s inclusion initiative), is to show solidarity with the black and ethnic minority groups not just in the USA, but around the world, who have been treated like second class citizens for far too long.

Following the murder of George Floyd by four police officers in Minneapolis last week, the United States of America has seen an incredible situation wherein there have been significant protests across the country as people come out to let their government know that enough is enough.

With a president in place who has done nothing but add fuel to the already towering inferno and a police force stupidly intent on using brute force to establish peace – the situation is dire. But the people have had enough of the blue on black crime, they’ve had enough of being profiled walking down the street and they’ve had just about enough of a lack of justice.

Like Newcastle, Jadon Sancho showed his support for BLM
Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund celebrates his goal at the weekend by unveiling a supportive message to the BLM movement

This week, football has come together to rally behind the black community of America with world renowned superstars like Jadon Sancho showing their support. A host of Premier League clubs have followed suit and today, Newcastle United did the same thing. For that, I am proud of my club. Well done boys.

The Blog On The Tyne stands behind our brothers and sisters across the world who are standing up to these injustices. We are #UnitedAsOne because, as far as we’re concerned, #BlackLivesMatter – and there’ll be no “ifs”, “buts” or “whatabouts” involved.

If you have been in any way offended by what has been written in this article, I urge you to click that little cross in the corner and don’t come back. If you disagree, leave this page and unfollow our socials – we don’t want you here.

If you want to help fight against this injustice but you’re not on American shores to get out there and join the protest, you can donate here.

Remember, Newcastle United are black AND white. Let’s come together.

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