John Barnes: New owners in it for ‘the long haul’

Former Newcastle United star John Barnes says that the the new owners seem to have looked at Newcastle as a long-term project and the fans have plenty of reasons to be encouraged.

The proposed £300m takeover of Newcastle United, led by the Saudi Arabian Public Investmend Fund and backed by Amanda Staveley’s PCP Partners as well as the Reuben Brothers, is currently still awaiting ratification from the Premier League.

Speaking to BonusCodeBets, Barnes says that they could have very easily taken over at a “Liverpool and Man United” but the fact they’ve chosen to purchase “unfashionable” Newcastle bodes well.

“The good thing is that for me, this seems to be a long-term venture for the Saudis when they take over,” said Barnes.

“It’s very easy for them with their money and status to take over Man United or Liverpool. But it seems they would have to be in it for the long haul if they want to be successful, so that’s a good thing.

“In terms of them taking a club like Newcastle – which you could argue is not one of the most fashionable clubs – so they’re here for wanting to do something at Newcastle in the long term.

“But then they would have to be patient and the fans have to be patient if [the owners] then say it may be two or three years before we are where we want to be.”

Barnes is spot on with his assessment in my honest opinion. It’s going to take us a fair while to get to any sort of level wherein we can compete so patience will be key. The Saudis choosing to back Newcastle is a no-brainer for me though.

Big club, huge fan base and in a one club city with passionate fans ready to embrace anyone who isn’t Mike Ashley – they’d have been dumb to buy anyone else in my personal opinion.

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