Ex-Magpie tells Wilfried Zaha to avoid Newcastle move

Former Newcastle United defender Peter Ramage has warned Wilfried Zaha he should avoid making the move to the Toon should the opportunity arise.

Ramage and Zaha were teammates at Palace once upon a time and the ex-defender says that, if the Ivorian wants to make that next step in his career, Newcastle isn’t the place for him to do that.

“It will be bittersweet,” stated Ramage. “I think Wilf is now at a moment in his career where if he has aspirations to get to that next level in his career, with all due respect to Palace, he is going to leave.

“Newcastle wouldn’t be a good move for him in that respect and it would obviously be more the financial aspect rather than anything else if he was to come to Newcastle, and we are just talking hypothetically here.

“For me, for Wilf if he wants to break into the top four and Palace have got the ability to do it, but it would be a lot harder for them than those top clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City.

“I have even seen him linked with the top clubs in Europe and he is coming up to 28 now, and the longer he waits, the less of an opportunity he will get.

“I think now, for Palace, his market value will decrease the longer it goes on.

“Obviously, everyone at Palace would love for him to stay and the club to build a team around him to get into those upper echelons of the Premier League.

“But realistically, from Wilf’s point of view, is that going to happen? Probably not.”

To be perfectly honest, I don’t totally disagree with what Ramage is saying on this whole situation. Time is running out for Zaha to make that move to a top club and play champions league football consistently.

He tried it once before to no avail and, if he was to come here, Champions League football is at least a few years away in a very best case scenario… If Zaha did decide to join Newcastle, it would be for one thing only – the financial aspect of a potential contract with a club owned by Saudis.

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