Davide Santon says club could win titles in ‘a couple of years’

Former Newcastle United fan favourite Davide Santon says that the club could be winnning titles within “a couple of years” after the takeover is complete.

Speaking to Sky Sports’ Bryan Swanson, Santon said the fans deserve a “great mentality” from their club, and he hopes the new owners can provide that.

“In football, you need to have money,” the Italian said.

“I just hope that whatever the season they make or whatever owner Newcastle have, I just hope the season is going to be the best for the club, the fans and the players – and for everyone who lives in Newcastle.

“Newcastle deserve a great mentality and hopefully, if they’re talking about having all that money, maybe in a couple of years they can get to win some titles – who knows?”

When asked if the expectation of trophies is realistic, Santon told the reporter that he hoped United could emulate Manchester City’s rise to success.

“From reading the news, if the new owner has that much money then maybe it’s possible. You never know.

“Like when the owner of Man City take over some time ago, maybe it can happen even with Newcastle. If I see Newcastle doing well, I can only be happy.”

Well Davide, I can certainly agree with you on that one. Fingers crossed you’re correct.

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